Black and White  Basic Photography Fall 2004 at New Paltz

B and H photo

This page is an indication of Demetri's Photography.  Below are some example of Demetri Music™ work. Click here to see these image.

Black and White Photo's the Demetri Music™Collection

Fall 2007 Photography

Here are thumbnails

Children with Pug Middle Town Mall.JPG Envy Seven Deadly Sins feather Girl from Middle Town Gluttony Seven Deadly Sins Greed Seven Deadly Sins Greek American Flags Lesvos Series Greek Coffee and Pastry Lesvos Series Greek Memorabilia Lesvos Series House in New Paltz New York Jesus and Virgin Lesvos Series Kids from Brooklyn Logs on the Hudson Newburgh New York Lust Seven Deadly Sins man in brooklyn man on bike in brooklyn NYPD Motorcycle Squad Pride  Seven Deadly Sins Puddle Sloth Seven Deadly Sins Street in Brookyln Sunset Newburgh Beacon Bridge Tavli Lesvos Series View of Boats Front Street Newburgh New York Worry Beeds Lesvos Series Wrath Seven Deadly Sins Xavier

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